In-House Training

At Lawgical we are passionate about developing skills and improving performance, helping our clients to achieve specific goals and their employees to realize their potential. All the seminars listed in our public calendar are available for delivery privately to your company staff.


The obvious advantages of in-house seminars include elimination of travel costs and the opportunity to schedule the classes to assure minimal disruption of the company’s schedules. There are other significant, less obvious, advantages, too. Because the course is presented to your employees topics addressed will be more pertinent to your organisation. However, another advantage of training all of your people – and only your people – is that a feeling of team participation helps enhance and reinforce the impact of the instruction. Privacy & Confidentiality is another important matter as delegates can speak candidly about any challenges they face in a private, controlled setting, without disclosing issues and concerns to attendees who do not work for the same employer (among whom may be your competitors!)


We work with our clients to develop the most effective and efficient training programme for their specific needs. We understand that training needs to provide a return on investment and this is why we consistently deliver immediate results. Whether you require a one-time course or are interested in outsourcing your entire training program, we can offer a complete range of services: needs analysis, assessment, training design and delivery, post-training evaluation, and more.


Please contact our customer services team who will be happy to discuss your needs and work with you to provide a tailored training programme or complete the our contact form and we will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.